Bishop Carlton Pearson Has Left Chicago's Christ Universal Temple of New Thought

CHICAGO, IL. - At a time when organized religion is becoming 'less' organized and nearly 17% of Americans now say they have no religion at all*, Bishop Carlton Pearson, known for his "Gospel of Inclusion", announced that he has left his position as Interim Senior Minister of Chicago's Christ Universal Temple, effective January 3, 2011.


Appointed Interim Minister of the Christ Universal Temple in May of 2009, Bishop Pearson preached to about 2,000 parishioners each Sunday, with the live streaming of his services reaching as far as Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.


"A new Board of Directors has decided to take the church in a different direction and will replace me," said Pearson. "I believe we were headed in the right direction as a church community," he added. "With new outreach ministries to this local community, a local prime-time television broadcast and a live stream of services on the web, we have become a more inclusive community. I wish the new Board of the Church well and pray they are able to continue the broader ministry of what New Thought religion has become today around the world."


Mentored by Oral Roberts and formerly on the Board of Regents of Oral Roberts University for fifteen years, Bishop Pearson continues to have a worldwide following and is known for the more expansive, all-inclusive New Thought theology. 


"From authors like Anne Rice announcing she's no longer a Christian to a Roman Catholic Priest causing scandal by falling in love, how we think about religion is changing. New Thought theology needs to embrace this change. Institutionalized religion continues to cause too much pain and hurt on this Earth," said Pearson. More and more people are looking for a spiritual home without boundaries, where they can worship without judgment or shame."


Once an evangelical megastar with 6,000 people at his weekly Pentecostal Church services in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he was branded a heretic by the Fundamentalist community when, after 35 years of church ministry, he had come to question and reject the Fundamentalist doctrines of an eternal and literal hell or, as he says, "a God with a terrible anger management problem." Instead, Pearson turned to preaching the fundamental goodness in all humanity and that God has a place in heaven for people of all faiths and lifestyles.


Today, Bishop Pearson, author of The Gospel of Inclusion and, his latest book, God is not a Christian (both Simon and Schuster) presents a different interpretation of the Bible and represents a fresh approach and shape of New Thought theology.


Recognized as a voice of reason and moderation in a world of extremes, his ministry is about a common spiritual ground for all of humanity; Jews, Hindus, Muslims, gays, the spiritually unresolved and any other groups which may have been considered "unfit" and unacceptable or have been marginalized.


Bishop Pearson will use the power of the Internet, continuing guest appearances on national television, and speaking invitations to carry on his New Thought ministry. He has appeared on CNN, ABC's 2020, Nightline, Dateline NBC and was featured on NPR's This American Life, among other media. Through his work, Pearson has become spiritual advisor to a number of celebrities and business leaders across the country.

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