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Tea Party Express Unveils TPX IV Tour:

"Liberty At The Ballot Box"



The Tea Party Express (website: is pleased to reveal the schedule for the upcoming "Tea Party Express IV: Liberty At The Ballot Box" national bus tour which will take place October 18th - November 1st.

The tour will cross the country in the final two-weeks of the 2010 Midterm elections.  Special guest speakers will be announced in the coming days leading up to the tour launch on October 18th. Here is the planned itinerary/schedule for TPX IV: "Liberty At The Ballot Box":



Monday, October 18th

10:00 AM – Rally in Reno, NV

12:30 PM – TPX Tour departs from Reno, NV rally location

5:30 PM – Elko, NV rally

*Overnight in Elko, NV*


Tuesday, October 19th

9:00 AM – Depart from Elko, NV hotel

12:00 Noon – Rally in Ely, NV

1:30 PM – Depart Ely, NV

6:00 PM – Rally in Las Vegas, NV

*Overnight in Las Vegas, NV*


Wednesday, October 20th

9:00 AM – Depart from Las Vegas, NV

1:30 PM – Rally in Barstow, CA

3:00 PM – Depart Barstow, CA

6:00 PM – Rally in Los Angeles, CA

*Overnight in Los Angeles, CA*


Thursday, October 21st

8:00 AM – Depart Los Angeles, CA

12:00 Noon – San Diego, CA Rally

2:30 PM – Depart San Diego, CA

6:00 PM – Rally in Yuma, AZ

*Overnight in Yuma, AZ*


Friday, October 22nd

8:00 AM – Depart Yuma, AZ

12:00 Noon – Rally in Phoenix, AZ

2:30 PM – Depart Phoenix, AZ

*Overnight in Las Cruces, NM*


Saturday, October 23rd

12:00 Noon – Rally in Las Cruces, NM

3:00 PM – Depart Las Cruces, NM

4:30 PM – Rally in El Paso, TX

6:00 PM – Depart El Paso, TX

10:30 PM – Arrive in Odessa, TX

*Overnight in Odessa, TX*


Sunday, October 24th

8:00 AM – Depart Odessa, TX

11:30 AM – Rally in Abilene, TX

1:00 PM – Depart Abilene, TX

5:00 PM – Waco, TX Rally

*Overnight in Waco, TX*


Monday, October 25th

7:30 AM – Depart Waco, TX

10:00 AM – Rally in Dallas, TX

12:00 Noon – Depart Dallas, TX

6:00 PM – Rally in Little Rock, AR

*Overnight in Little Rock*


Tuesday, October 26th

7:30 AM – Depart Little Rock, AR

4:00 PM – Rally in Franklin, TN

6:30 PM – Depart Franklin, TN

10:00 PM – Arrive in Paducah, KY

*Overnight in Paducah, KY*


Wednesday, October 27th

11:00 AM – Rally in Paducah, KY

1:30 PM – Depart Paducah, KY

5:00 PM – Rally in St. Louis, MO

7:30 PM – Depart St. Louis, MO

10:00 PM – Arrive in Springfield, IL

*Overnight in Springfield, IL*


Thursday, October 28th

9:00 AM – Rally in Springfield, IL

11:30 AM – Depart Springfield, IL

4:00 PM – Rally in Joliet, IL

6:30 PM – Depart Joliet, IL

11:00 PM – Arrive in Jackson, MI


Friday, October 29th

10:00 AM – Rally in Jackson, MI

12:30 PM – Depart Jackson, MI

4:00 PM – Rally in Troy, MI

6:30 PM – Depart Troy, MI

11:00 PM – Arrive in Columbus, OH


Saturday, October 30th

11:00 AM – Rally in Columbus, OH

1:30 PM – Depart Columbus, OH

9:00 PM – Arrive in Harrisburg, PA


Sunday, October 31st

10:00 AM – Rally in Harrisburg, PA

12:00 Noon – Depart Harrisburg, PA

3:00 PM – Rally in Wilmington, DE

5:30 PM – Depart Wilmington, DE

8:00 PM – Rally in Toms River, NJ

*Overnight in Toms River, NJ*


Monday, November 1st

8:00 AM – Depart Toms River, NJ

2:00 PM – Rally in Attleboro, MA

4:00 PM – Depart Attleboro, MA

6:00 PM – Rally in Concord, NH

*Conclusion of Tour*







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